Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Overlooking Castries, St Lucia

As promised, I have moved on to St Lucia. This picture is looking down on the capital, Castries, from high up on the hillside. It has all that St Lucia has - blue sea and sky within a verdant frame. Who could ask for more?


Kranky Granny said...

This is somewhere I could stay for a lifetime. I love being around all that sky and sea.

The few times in my life when I have been lucky enough to visit the coast I have had to be practically dragged home.

Alan, thank you for the visit to my trespassed collection of long forgotten buildings and transportation. Your comments are always the highlight of my day. They make me feel that I may one day actually be able to call myself a photographer of merit.

The Retired One said...

Indeed....who COULD ask for more!!!!? It is gorgeous!

L. D. said...

Because you blog on the other side of the world, you blog gets buried under a lot of blogs that I really don't follow so much. I thought you were taking a vacation from blogging but no you are blogging vacation, and I am the one who is out in left field missing a travel log of great shots.