Monday, 4 January 2010

100104 Snow And The Sitting Point

I managed to complete my airport run without too many snow-related problems and therefore the jury is still out. Yes it is cold and inconvenient, but there again it does wonderful things to old wooden benches.
John asked in a comment on yesterday's post whether Santa brought the promised i-touch. The answer is yes (for further details see today's NfN post)


L. D. said...

Yes, it was a perfect setting for a great photo. If it gets a little warmer around noon, I am going out to shoot, no matter how cold it is. I may end up being a frozen sculpture myself.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have been run over with a steam engine of some kind. I went back to the doctor today for the third time. I go back next week for the fourth time. I hope by then the combination of steroids and other medicines will help me feel better.

We got snow like you do. It is also very cold. I think it is cold all over the world.

Sunny said...

I really like this picture, not only the bench but the footprints in the snow.
We had snow all weekend, windy and bitterly cold.
Sunny :)

geraldgee said...

There's something about benches,maybe they've all got stories to tell and it comes out in photos?

The Retired One said...

Loved that shot...I have a table and some benches buried in snow that I took a shot of just the other day, is so fun to see how ordinary things get transformed with the snow, isn't it?

Valerie said...

Unfortunately, our bench is out of view but I imagine it looks similar ... at least as far as the snow goes. Keep warm.