Thursday, 10 December 2009

091210 Marsh Hall

I took this photo of Marsh Hall in Northowram last week during a break from all the rain. When I was young, Marsh Hall was a farmhouse and I was at school with one of the children of the family. I remember going to visit and looking out through those mullioned windows. Now it is smart, up-marked and encased in a strong wrought-iron fence. Times change.


Anonymous said...

It is never the same. Time marches on always to a different drummer.

Pam said...

I often look at the houses of children I went to school with and wonder what they are doing now. Aquaintences whose surnames I have long forgotten,women whose names have probably changed numerous times with marriage.It pulls me up a bit when I realize most would be grandparents as this has not happened to me yet!

Valerie said...

I was surprised you said Marsh Hall was once a farm. School buildings in those days were magnificent. I'm a believer in moving on but new construction don't have the same elegance or strength.