Monday, 23 November 2009

091123 Poole Harbour

Isn't it strange how some photographs stay in your mind, even if they are neither artistically good nor historically significant. I took the above photograph almost fifty years ago. It shows my mother and father and the location - according to the penciled information on the back - is Poole Harbour in Dorset. But there is something about the image that has stayed in my mind over all the decades. Something about the poses, the shapes, the haphazard rowing boat. The photograph is old and faded - but it remains one of my favourites.


Valerie said...

Oh these old photos are wonderful. I re-framed a photograph today and found a titchy picture of my Dad tucked in the back ... weren't they small then ... the pictures I mean.

Helen said...

Alan, I know what you mean about the photo. The poses, to me, look as if your parents are at peace and relaxed in their own way. I love how they are dressed. Usually nowadays, to see people 'relaxed' when they are out, would involve joggers, track pants and hoodies, or, alternatively, half-dressed or sloppily dressed.
The shapes of the houses, the angle of the ship, the distance between the 'objects', look as if anybody could have randomly 'stuck' them there, yet together, in the positions they are in, actually attract you to the photo.
Hey, just think - you even had the nack back then!

L. D. said...

It is nice to pull them out and know that they have never left the brain. I think it is a puzzlement sometimes to have grown older and yet can still think, feel the experience at that other age. It is a classic photo. The poses are a little unreal in comparison to the background, as if you pasted them in front of the scene.
Go ahead a be thankful, even though you didn't have pilgrims eating lunch with the native american indians.

Anonymous said...

That is one of those pictures that keeps turning up and it makes you happy.

Marie Reed said...

It's truly magical! The wind... her crossed arms... I can see why it's so treasured!