Tuesday, 27 October 2009

091027 Looking Back At 081027

The weather forecast predicted good weather today but it has been wet and misty. To check out the weather on the same day last year I looked back in my image files and found this photograph of Fixby Hall. The eighteenth century hall is now the club house for Huddersfield Golf Course and the grounds have been transformed into fairways and greens. There is still a public footpath which cuts right through the grounds (much to the annoyance of the golfer I suspect) and Amy and I walk that way often.


John said...

The day down here cleared up before lunch and has been lovely all afternoon. Keep those footpaths open.

Valerie said...

There's a golf course by me that has a public footpath. The golfers really don't like the intrusion. The clubhouse is a magnificent building.

Sunny said...

What a wonderful building, they don't build them like they used to.
Sunny :)