Monday, 28 September 2009

090928 Where Is It?

I took this photograph this morning during my daily walk with Amy the Dog. It is a site that should be familiar to many people who have traveled in the north of England. Tomorrow I will give the photographic answer to this photographic question but feel free to guess if you would like to.


James said...

That looks like a wonderful place for a walk. When compared to the previous photo it seems that your path is norrowing.

All is forgiven about that thing that happpened 200+ yrs ago. :)

Sunny said...

Not sure where it is but it's a lovely spot.
Sunny :)

geraldgee said...

Wish I had a daily walk like that!

L. D. Burgus said...

I enlarged the picture and still strained a little, but what do I know. I see there are flagstones in the foreground and I don't know if that is a natural outcropping or if there had been a building there. Also down that way is something that looks man made. It is a beautiful place to walk.