Tuesday, 11 August 2009

090811 Monochrome Tractors

Although this picture was taken in colour I have converted it into monochrome. The lack of colour seems to complement the boldness of the tyre tread and the starkness of the number plates. I love the two men at the centre of the photograph with their hands folded. You can while away the hours imagining their conversation.


The Retired One said...

Great shot! yes, I can imagine them comparing engine information or "Back in the Day" stories.

JohnF said...

I enjoy this site also, Alan.
But the type is hard, at least here in the USA to read.
Dark on dark as it were.

L. D. said...

Black and white is a neat expression. I really like the photo. I use to develop black and white for a high school yearbook assignment that I did for two years. The most fun was the developing of black and white.

Alan Burnett said...

Thanks for the comments.
John F : I had no idea the blog was coming out black on black! (it appears black on white on mine). I have changed the template. Hopefully this should be easier on the eye.