Sunday, 9 August 2009

090809 Waiting Exhibitors

This is one of the shots I took at the Halifax Show yesterday and it has a group of exhibitors with their goats waiting to go out into the parade ring. There is something about those nervous moments before stepping out into the limelight (or the sunlight) that must be the same whether you are Madonna or a goat farmer.


Anonymous said...

There is something about the personality of a goat that gets my attention. Almost like sheep do but this is more frisky attention. Their rectangular pupils always remind me of art showing Lucifer with those kind of eyes. But I must have been a goat herder in another life as I still like them.

During World War II,when I was growing up, my mother kept house for an old farmer who kept goats. He had nothing modern in the house and an outside toilet was just short of being a trench. Well, thankfully, mom didn't stay long but before we left and for every morning when we were there she served me a bowl of breakfast cereal and would go out and grab the first nanny she saw and milk it and bring that warm, frothy, goat milk in and pour it over my cereal. Oh my. It was difficult. I think I cried a lot at breakfast. I don't like warm goat milk. But I must confess, I do like your photos.

The Retired One said...

Funny, the goats don't look nervous! ha
Probably thinking: What are these silly humans going to do with me NOW? I want to go out there where I see more goats.
Interesting photo to bring up questions, isn't it?