Monday, 30 June 2008

Clarion House, Nelson

I called in to see my good friends Arthur and Kathy at the weekend and they let me borrow this photograph which must have been taken about 1970 or 1971. It was taken at Clarion House near Nelson (which astonishingly still survives) which was at one time owned by the socialist Clarion Cycling Club. In the picture Arthur is on the extreme left (a place where he will be more than comfortable) and Kath is holding baby Linda next to the pram. The other little girl is their eldest daughter Tina. Issy and I are in the centre of the picture along with a portrait of, I think, Kier Hardie.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. The Clarion deserves to be better recognised, not least as it pat of a very large movement. There were Clarions in many places. Colne and Burnley also had them.
It was never owned, however, by the Clarion Cyclers. It was owned (and still is) by Nelson Independent Labour Party Land Society. The ILP in Nelson used to have 1,500 members and its Socialist Sunday School had many hundreds of young members - very many of them are still around!
The history of Nelson's Clarion was written some years ago by Roger Brown and the late, much-respected Stan Iveson, a former ILP president and Nelson member. It was also done as a DVD
A very succinct hist